In 2010, a group from the Trinity Lutheran Church traveled to Slovakia as part of a mission trip with members from the First Lutheran Church of Fargo. Since then, TLC has supported the efforts in sharing the good news to our brothers and sisters in this country. The group assisted with Vacation Bible School, English classes, and construction and repair work.

The group had also worked with the Center for Christian Education in Martin, Slovakia. Established in 2008, this institution is home to The Lutheran Academy which provides preschool to high-school education, and the Bible School of Martin.

Throughout the year, the Slovakia Mission Team organize different fundraisers. To support the mission or for inquiries contact the church office. 

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This video presentation is from the TLC Slovakia Mission in 2010.

Slovakia in a Nutshell


Name of the country: Slovak Republic (Slovakia)
Form of government: Parliamentary democracy
Land area: 18,932.52 sq. miles
Mountainous: almost 80% is 720 m above sea level
Population: 5.4 million
Currency: Euro (~1 USD)
Capital city: Bratislava, population 452,288, including about 60,000 university students
Language: Slovak, but people also speak Hungarian, German, Czech.
Religion: Close to 6% are Lutherans. Most are Roman Catholic(60%), with minorities of other Protestants, Greek Catholic, Jews

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Story of the Center for Christian Education in Slovakia

This is the story of the Center for Christian Education in Martin, Slovakia. Bohdan Hrobon, the current director, talks about the center's beginning, and Michal Valco, former director and current relations representative, discusses the mission of the CCE.