Trinity Lutheran Church of Carrington, North Dakota was organized February 23, 1933. The newly organized church called Rev. A.L.C. Keller to serve as its first Pastor. The membership was about 100, including men, women and children of the first families. Services were held in the Grand Theater, and later in the Foster County Courthouse.

"Old Faithfuls" who attended church services at the theater. Taken between 1927-1929.

“Old Faithfuls” who attended church services at the theater. Taken between 1927-1929.

In 1934, the decision was made to build a church at the location on Main Street. All of the labor was furnished by members of the congregation. The first service was held in December 1934 and the dedication was in September 1935. In 1940, property across Main Street from the church was purchased for the parsonage. This building served as the pastor’s residence until 1999. Membership in 1948 was 298 confirmed members. In 1952, an education unit was added to the north and east sides of the building to meet the needs of growing Sunday School enrollment. In 1953 they began having two services each Sunday. Sunday School was held during both services.

Early Scene at the Church around 1933 or 1943

Early Scene at the Church around 1933 or 1934

In 1958, as the Sunday School enrollment increased, property at the east end of the block was purchased to be used for additional classrooms. This building was known as Trinity Lutheran Annex. On September 29, 1959, the 25th Anniversary of the congregation and the dedication of the Annex were held. There were 718 baptized members and 479 confirmed members in 1958. Stained glass windows were installed in 1948 and new light fixtures in 1948, both of which are featured in the current church. The windows are located in the fellowship area and four lights are in the back of the sanctuary.

Trinity Lutheran Church, 1935-1979

Trinity Lutheran Church, 1935-1979

Trinity became affiliated with the “American Lutheran Church” with the merger of four of the Lutheran Church bodies, on January 1, 1960. Trinity has been blessed since its beginning with many opportunities for members to participate in its adult, youth and educational programs. Music has been a major interest. The first choir was organized in 1943, and since that time, there have been many choirs for all age groups.

Since 1972, the congregation has helped to sponsor Tom and Evelyn Steenberg as missionaries in Japan. Alvin Kuehn, a member, was a lay missionary in New Guinea. He lost his life as a prisoner of the Japanese during WW2.

Trinity Lutheran Church, 1979-present

Trinity Lutheran Church, 1979-present

Property has been purchased at the East end of Main Street, on Poplar Avenue. The new church was built there, with the first service taking place in December 1979. Pastor Gordon Berntson was serving during the building process.

From 1973 until 1985 Trinity was truly blessed by the service of 13 interns. Several young people from this congregation have gone into ordained ministry, and service for Christ. They are Pastors: Sylvan Lee, Fred Moberg, Jerry Miller, Dwight Penas, Omar Bonderud, Greg Berglund, Steve Berntson and Michael Pretzer. The old parsonage was sold, and a new one was purchased in 1999 at 440 McKenzie Avenue. The present confirmed membership is 1,098, and the Sunday School enrollment is 140. Presently serving Trinity is Pastor Bruce Vold and Pastor Russ Christiansen.


Pastors who have served at Trinity

  • Rev. A.L.C. Keller (1934-1941)
  • Rev. Henry Meske (1941-1944)
  • Rev. Emil Lange (1944-1956)
  • Rev. R.E. Roesler (1957-1966)
  • Rev. Jim Schoeld (1966-1974)
  • Rev. Gordon Berntson (1974-1986)
  • Rev. Robert Berthold (1986- 1990)
  • Rev. Joan Covington, Assistant Pastor (1988)
  • Rev. Paul Baker, Interim Pastor (1991)
  • Rev. Peter & Karla Coen-Tuff (1991-1999)
  • Russ Christiansen, GIFTS Interim & Pastoral Assistant (2000-2004)
  • Rev. Bruce Vold (2000-2015)
  • Rev. Sarah Voorhees (2005-2007)
  • Rev. Russ Christiansen, Assistant Pastor (2012-2016)
  • Rev. Sara Parnell (2016-2017)