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HOPE. A four-letter word. A gift from God – often given through other Christians. As humans, as Christians especially, there will be times that we will encounter great trial. It will feel as if the sky were falling or as if our whole world was crashing in upon us.

A couple of years ago, I was in this place. A place of uncertainty, a place of feeling like I was walking through the deep waters (see Isaiah 43), a place where I desperately needed HOPE. I was invited to a home party (yes! I love those things!) to see a long-time friend who had moved out of state but was in town for a visit. This was the friend that God used in my early 20’s to bring me back into relationship with Him. She is the one that reminded me of God’s deep, abiding love for me. I knew that I needed to attend this party and visit with my friend, Tracy.
The women that God assembled that evening were Godly women – women who knew the Lord and had hearts after His own heart, just like King David had a heart after God’s own heart. We each shared a little bit of our life together that night. We encouraged one another with Scripture and we prayed over one another.

Our only commonalities before the evening were our friendships with Tracy and our relationship with the Lord. At one point in the evening, the hostess excused herself for a moment and came back with the word art pictured above: Hope. She gifted it to me, stating that she simply felt she was supposed to give it to me. God has used this word art over and over to remind me that He is working things out for my good and His glory. God has answered many of those prayers we prayed that night – not necessarily in the way I thought He would, but He has answered them and is working things out for good (Romans 8:28).

This is what God does in community through the Holy Spirit. He offers encouragement, strength for the journey, and HOPE. So, if today, you are wading through the deep waters and feel overwhelmed by the burdens bearing down on you, receive hope. God is working things out for your good and for His glory.
And, if today, you are filled with HOPE, connect with someone who is struggling and let the hope of Jesus overflow out of you and onto them, that their spirit might be strengthened and encouraged in the midst of their battle.

May the peace and hope of Jesus fill your heart today,
Pastor Sara

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