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When the miracle we’d been hoping for doesn’t come… Finding hope in the Resurrection of Jesus

“Sometimes, it is easy and filled with laughter and happiness and other times, it is a heavy burden to bear.”

Life is amazing.  Some days are simply fantastic – you know, those days where everything is going our way and everything is sunshine and daisies.  Other days…Other days, life is flat out, fall-on-our-knees awful.  That is simply reality of living life on earth; sometimes things go wonderfully, and other times, circumstances are more difficult than our worst nightmares.

Life is like that.  Sometimes, it is easy and filled with laughter and happiness and other times, it is a heavy burden to bear.  It is these times of difficulty, pain, and trial, that the cross we bear in our humanity becomes so very evident.  But, we are a resurrection people.  Every cross we bear – every difficult situation we face – has a resurrection, an Easter Sunday, to go with it.  Every cross we bear has a positive transformation to go with it.

Let’s consider Good Friday – the bleakest day in the lives of the disciples.  Their friend, their teacher, their rabbi…the one they had given up EVERYTHING to follow was beaten, carried His cross, and died upon it.  This was fall-on-your-knees awful for the disciples.  Their whole world was shattered on Good Friday…or so they thought.

But, that is not where their story ended.  Three days later, they went to Jesus’ tomb and discovered New Life!  In rising from the dead, Jesus had overcome the grave!  Over the next 40 days (before His ascension), Jesus would give His disciples new hope, clear directions, and eventually, at Pentecost, Jesus would give His disciples His Holy Spirit.

So, if you are going through a Good Friday Season right now, may you have hope.  Resurrection Sunday is coming!  As we go through our difficulties, we don’t know what exactly the Resurrection Sunday will look like, but take heart, for it is coming.  God will restore your joy; He will make beauty out of the dust in your life.


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